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 Ghosts busted: Beyond the Fear

Veteran journalist, historian and paranormal expert Don Allison serves up a very personal exploration of the paranormal in "I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Paranormal Journey Continues."

Allison relies on keen insight honed through decades of newspaper writing and editing as he shares his own encounters with the paranormal. In the down-to-earth style he employs in his award winning and long running Bryan Times newspaper column "On My Mind," he shares what he encountered, and his very human reactions.

“After my first book on the paranormal, “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg,” I didn’t really expect to write another on this topic,” Allison said. “Instead I thought I was doing what I often do, explore a topic that has aroused my curiosity, write about what I learned and then move on to something new and different. But this time, instead of finding the answers to most of my questions and feeling satisfied with my research, each potential answer to my paranormal queries seems to raise a dozen or more new questions.

"In short, my experiences since publishing “I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg” have revealed an entirely new world to me, a reality that is truly awe inspiring. It’s a quest I find I can’t abandon, so it continues with this book.”

In layman's terms Allison’s “I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg” looks at the forces of nature he believes are behind these unexplained occurrences, as well as some of the scientific theories that have been proposed. In short, this skeptic is convinced we have something to gain from studying those fascinating occurrences in this world we currently do not understand.

As Allison relates in the preface to "I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg," "It’s a great enigma, really. Human cultures across time have expressed a belief in ghosts, yet there is no conclusive, generally accepted scientific proof that they exist. And what exactly is a ghost, anyway?

"It seems if ghosts do exist, science would have found irrefutable evidence by now. Yet countless people throughout history – up to and including the present day – have experiences they cannot explain, and believe they have encountered what we commonly consider to be a ghost.”

Allison explains that “To a degree I believe we all fear that which we do not understand. Be it dreams or premonitions that defy the odds of being a coincidence, sights or sounds that our logic says simply cannot be, when we contemplate those things almost all of us experience some level of fear.

“It can be so much easier, so much safer, do so much for our peace of mind, to simply turn our heads and ignore it, wait for it to go away and forget it ever happened.”

“My goal with ‘I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg,” Allison said,”is to encourage people to put aside their fears and open their minds to exploring a world beyond our day-to-day understanding. Ignoring or denying the unexplained doesn’t make it go away.

“If anything, by doing so we cheat ourselves out of the chance to better appreciate the world around us, and to more fully explore what may well be laws of nature that we do not yet understand. Why not continue to tackle that age-old question, what happens to our personalities, our souls if you will, after we die?"

Don Allison may be reached at 419-636-3807 or

“I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Paranormal Journey Continues”

ISBN 978-0-9659201-5-5;   133 pages;  Illustrated; Available at I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg: A Journalist’s Journey Into the Paranormal

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I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg and its sequel I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg represents a new venture, exploring the paranormal and the science behind it, with a connection to Gettysburg and its ghostly reputation.

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